Glow in the Dark Shop

Glow Powder

Glow in the Dark Powder

The raw material used in the manufacture of all glow in the dark products. Glow in the Dark products absorb and store light. They can then give out light in the dark.

Glow Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint

Water and Oil based paints that can glow in the dark. Expose to bright light and it will glow in total darkness for hours.

UV Light Reactive Products

UV Light Reactive Products

Powder and paint that appear white under normal light, but change colours when exposed to UV black lights. Only works with UV Black lights.

Fluorescent Products

UV Fluorescent Products

Powder and paint that appears coloured under normal light, but glows colours when exposed to UV black light. Only works with UV Black lights.

UV Lights

UV Black Lights

We carry different types of UV-A lights, which work well with our products. We have battery operated hand held ones to electrical bulbs ands tubes.

Glow Stickers

Glow Stickers, Photo Paper & Board

Products in this category are Glow in the Dark Stickers, Glow Photo paper for inkjet or laser printing and Glow in the dark PVC board for signage.

Glow Signages Home

Glow Signages for Home and Office

Ready made signage, made from PVC sticker. Just peel and paste and have a sign that glows in the dark.

Glow Plastic Masterbatch

Glow Plastic Master Batch Pellets

Glow in the Dark plastic masterbatch pellets can be used for the production of plastic products. These pellets can be added directly during the injection process.

Glow Roads and Highway

Glow products for roads and highways

Glow in the Dark gravel which could be used for paving roads. There is also glow road studs to indicate crossings.

Glow for Outdoor Garden

Glow Products for the Garden

Glow in the Dark pebbles and rocks suitable for placing around the garden and in ponds.

Other Glow Products

Other Glow in the Dark Products

Glow in the Dark products that do not fit in other categories. We have ceramic glow tiles, night-glow bulbs and night sky illusion painting kit.