Best Glow in the Dark Powder Ultra Green – SLG Group (1 kg pack)

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Ultra Green is the Best Glow in the Dark Powder because of its brightness and length of glow. It is suitable for mixing into resin or any clear paint or medium. We have two types of Glow powder. One is for mixing into water based products and the other for mixing into oil based products.

SLG-2 x 3 packs
SLG- 3 x 1 pack
SLG-4L x 1 pack

Water Based – 5 packs

Each pack is 1 kilogram

Choose the correct powder type according to the the paint base you would be mixing with.

Next select the preferred particle size of the powder. More details on particle size here

Product Code
Particle Size (microns)
Glow Time
Cost is USD
Normal Colour
Glow Colour
50 ~ 60
12 hours
Glow Powder Ultra Green
45 ~ 55
10 hours
Water Based
35 ~ 45
10 hours
25 ~ 35
7 hours
10 ~ 15
4 hours
10 ~ 15
6 hours
Zinc Sulphide
10 ~ 15
20 minutes

Product quantity is 1 kilogram, packed in zip lock bags.

Discount up to 40% for orders above 500 kilograms.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm


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Glow in the Dark Product Manufacturer

1 review for Best Glow in the Dark Powder Ultra Green – SLG Group (1 kg pack)

  1. Alex

    Good quality product which mixes well with my paints. Managed to get a smooth finish with 2 coats using the roller. The finished coating is slightly sandy as I got the largest particle size. But the glow is simply awesome. With just daylight to charge it up, it glows well into the late night.

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