Buy Electrical UV Light Bulb 25 watts (Energy Saving)

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Electrical UV Bulb with E-27 base

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Electrical UV Black Light Bulb 25 watt Bulb. Comes with E-27 screw fitting making it easy to screw in on any bulb socket, with a diameter of 27mm.

Simple to use. Just screw onto a E-27 sized light bulb socket and switch on. Bright enough to fill a small room with UV light.

This product works only works in countries where the power supply is 240 volts.

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Dimensions20 × 15 × 15 cm



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1 review for Buy Electrical UV Light Bulb 25 watts (Energy Saving)

  1. Jason

    Works well with my UV colour paints. Effects can be viewed up to 3 meters away in a semi lit pub.

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