Viscosity Adjusting Agent – 100 grams


Viscosity Adjusting Agent is a required ingredient for making glow in the dark inks and paints.

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Glow in the dark pigments are made from Rare Earth Crystals which are quite dense. When this is mixed into paints, they do not dissolve but stay suspended. If stored for a while and this can even be for only a few hours, the glow powder crystals have a tendency to sink to the bottom and harden there rendering the paint useless.

Viscosity Adjusting Agent helps by giving volume to the mixture thereby slowing down or even stopping the settling process.

With Viscosity Adjusting Agent, you can now use any Clear Paint or Resin to produce quality glow in the dark paints that last.

For every kilogram of glow powder, you need to add up to 20 grams of Viscosity Adjusting Agent. Amount included in this order is enough for more than 5 kilograms of glow in the dark powder.

For this order, you will get a 100 gram pack of Viscosity Adjusting Agent, packed in a zip lock bag.

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