Glow in the Dark Spray Paint Retail


Glow in the Dark Spray Paint comes packed in 340 gram (12 oz) canisters as shown in the photo.



Glow in the Dark Spray Paint is Glow Paint, packed in a spray can. This paint is specially processed for spray painting. Since this is a solvent based product, it can be used on any surface except soft plastic and surfaces sensitive to solvent based paints.

Glow spray paint is water proof and becomes weather proof, once a layer of Clear Coat or Epoxy Protection is applied over it.

Glow spray paint is easy to use. Just mask off the areas not to be painted and start spray painting. For a brighter glowing surface, apply about 2 to 3 coats of paint. After spraying, the painted surface might be a little rough to the touch because of the glow powder. This can be solved by applying a layer of clear coat or Epoxy over it.

Glow in the Dark Spray Paint comes packed in 340 gram (12 oz) canisters, as shown on the right. To use, just shake the can and start spraying. Glow Spray Paint is available only in Ultra Green (i.e. body color cream, glow color cream). Glow time for this product is about 5 hours. We can produce this in other colors but there is a minimum order amount for this.

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