Invisible (Clear) UV Ink for Pen or Stamp Pad

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Invisible Clear UV Ink for Stamp Pads and Fountain Pens. These are transparent water based inks. Commonly used in clubs to identify customers. They are only visible when exposed to a UV black light. They can be applied on all surfaces and even on plants and skin.

Invisible UV ink is almost invisible on most surfaces. On white surface, you may only see some traces.

These inks react to UV black light by changing color. Suitable for use in stamp pads or fountain pens.

Practical applications would be to mark documents or hand stamping, which is usually done in clubs to identify patrons.

Invisible UV Ink is available in the following colors:
1) Orange
2) Green
3) Blue
4) Red
5) Yellow
6) Purple

This order is for Invisible UV Ink only. Stamp pads and fountain pens are Not! included.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm



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2 reviews for Invisible (Clear) UV Ink for Pen or Stamp Pad

  1. Sven

    Can’t be seen under normal light. Only visible under UV light. Just perfect.

  2. Madisom

    Works well in fountain pen. Invisible writing only visible undr a UV black light

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