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Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow Paint for Walls and Metal

Glow in the Dark Paint, also known as Photo Luminous Glow Paint, is produced by mixing Glow in the Dark Powder, with specially formulated Clear Solvent or Water based mediums, together with other additives and anti-settling agent.

Pete’s Luminous Creations Glow in Dark Paint are specially formulated to a high standard and can glow brightly, for long hours. These glow paints come pre-mixed. No further mixing is necessary. Mixing ratio of glow powder to clear paint is approximately 35% powder to paint. This works out to about 350 grams (14 oz) of powder, to 1 litre (33 fl ounces) of clear paint. For 1 gallon (3.8 litres) of paint, we would mix at least 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) of glow powder into it. This ensures the high quality of our product.

Glow in the Dark Paint Properties

This is not the same as Glow in the Dark inks which are mainly used for offset or silk screen printing. Glow in dark paints can give out light in the dark. This is not like UV products which require a UV black light in order to work. However, glow painting, must be done under UV light or you cannot see what you are painting. 

Glow Paint Production Standard

Finding the right medium to mix with, is the key factor here. If not, you would end up with an unstable glow paint as the glow powder would sink and harden at the bottom. The Luminous Glow in the dark Paints sold here are mixed with special pigments and anti settling agents to prevent this from happening. These paints can be stored for more than 12 months. Painted surfaces, if well protected, can last for many years.

 Glow in the Dark Oil or Water Based Paints

Glow in Dark Paint is sold in 1 litre or 5 litres (1 litre = 33 ounces) aluminium containers. Minimum order quantity is 1 litre. The glow in the dark paint sold here are meant for brush painting and spray painting only.

Solvent (Oil) Based Glow in the Dark Paint are suitable for Metal and Wood surfaces and can be used outdoors.

Water Based Glow in the Dark Paint are suitable for Walls and Plastic surfaces.

Product Name
Glow Time
Cost in US$ 1 litre = 33 fl oz
Normal Color
Glow Color
Ultra Green Water Based / Solvent Based
> 15 hours
Glow Paint Green
Glow Paint Ultra Green glows
Ultra Blue Water Based / Solvent Based
> 15 hours
Glow Paint Ultra Blue
Glow Paint Ultra Blue glows
Quick Green
< 20 minutes
 Glow Paint Zinc Green Glow Paint Zinc Green glows
Cool Blue
2 hours
Blue Glow Paint
Blue Glow Paint glows
Cool Green
2 hours
Green Glow Paint
Green Glow Paint glows
Cool Pink
2 hours
Pink Glow Paint
Pink Glow Paint glows
Cool Orange
2 hours
Glow Powder Orange Glows
Cool Yellow
2 hours
Yellow Glow Paint
Yellow Glow Paint glows
Deep Red
1 hour
Zinc Red Glow Paint
Zinc Red Glow Paint glows
Deep Orange
1 hour
Zinc Orange Glow Paint Zinc Orange Glow Paint glows
Invisible Blue
5 hours
Invisible Blue Glow Paint Invisible Blue Glow Paint glows
Invisible Purple
1 hour

Invisible Purple Glow Paint

Invisible Purple Glow Paint glows
Invisible Orange
2 hours
Invisible Orange Glow Paint
Invisible Orange Glow Paint glows
Invisible White
4 hours
Invisible White Glow Paint
Invisible White Glow Paint glows

1 litre = 33 fl ounces. Click here for other volume conversions




  1. Prices quoted are in US currency.
  2. Glow in the dark paint sold here is pre-mixed and comes in standard 1 litre (33 fl oz) containers.
  3. ‘Normal Color’ is how the paint would appear under normal light, as shown in the photographs.
  4. The products in the ‘Ultra’ range have a creamish green body color, while those in the ‘Invisible’ range are white.
  5. Check out our Glow Painting Tips to get the best results when using glow in the dark paint.
  6. low in the dark paint is now available in Glow Spray Paint Cans.