UV Product Purpose

As the title implies, UV light reactive products, react to UV Black lights by changing colour. Switch off the black lights and the effects are gone. This characteristic makes these products suitable for identification and security marking. They are also used for special effect painting which shows a different image under UV light. In this article, I will list out the various UV Light Reactive products we carry and their suitable applications.

UV Product Types

  1. UV Light Reactive Powder – Appears white in colour. Changes to different colours when exposed to UV light.Mix with resins, plastic etc to produce other products.
  2. UV Light Reactive Paint – Made from UV Powder. Used to create paintings which are not visible under normal light but only appear under UV light.
  3. UV Fluorescent Products – These can be visible under normal light in different colours. When exposed to UV light, they glow brightly. Products in this range are also used for special effect painting.
  4. Invisible UV Inks – This product is used for identification and security markings. They cannot be seen under normal light. They only can be seen under UV light.


So basically, UV light reactive products only work under UV lights. In case you are wondering whether UV lights are harmful, the answer is yes and no. The harmful ones are used for killing germs and curing offset printing inks. The non harmful ones are used for detecting counterfeit currency; a byproduct of UV inks. All our products only work with the non harmful UV Black Lights.