Night Sky Mural Painting

Paint Glow in the Dark Stars on Ceiling

In Singapore

Professional artists in Singapore, are at hand to transform your ordinary bedroom ceiling into a night-sky filled with glowing stars and other Designs.

What is NightSky Painting

Just imagine lying on your bed and staring into a night sky filled with glowing stars, Planets, Space Ships and more…. Just like sleeping in the outdoors, but! you are still in your bedroom.

How it is done

Using a specially formulated paint and some skill, our artists can create an illusion of the night-sky right in your bedroom or any room you wish, within a few hours. This is normally done on your ceiling but can also be done on your walls to create a surround effect.

Your whole ceiling is not painted. Only the designs are painted on your ceiling. The paint we use is cream in color and cannot be seen during the day, as most ceilings are white. So this painting does not really alter your present decor under normal lighting conditions. But when it is dark, or when the lights are switched off, the paint starts to glow, making only the painted designs appear. This glow can last for hours.

nightsky ceiling

Night Sky Theme consists of Stars and Constellations only. You won’t see anything when the lights are on.

Switch off the lights and the stars will appear once it is dark. The darker the place, the brighter the stars would appear.

Move your mouse over the image to get an idea of how it would look like when there is light and when it is dark.

Night Sky Mural Painting

costs $5 per square foot

or fixed price for standard HDB Rooms.
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My son used to wake up during the night and come to our room as he was scared to be alone. Now he has no problems being alone in his room. I am very happy with the job. The effects are amazing

Margaret Tan

House wife

I used to have problems falling asleep, but not anymore. Now I just gaze at the ceiling and together with some relaxing sounds water flowing, sleep comes easily.

Ben Colins

I did it in one room first. Was amazed at the results and ended up doing it in the other three rooms.

You can’t see anything during the day or when the lights are on. The stars only appears in the dark.


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