Our range of Ultraviolet (UV) Black Lights

Darkniteglow is a distributor for a wide range of (Ultra Violet) UV lamps, UV blacklights and bulbs. Our UV lighting can be used in clubs, discos, theatres or other venues for various forms of presentations which involve UV products.

We carry a selection of different types of uv lighting from uv tubes, uv spot lights to high powered uv flood lights.

Displayed below are the various types of UV lamps and bulbs we carry.

Handheld UV Light

Portable battery operated handheld UV Light.

USD 12.50

25 Watts UV Bulb

Energy Saving 25 watts UV Light Bulb


2 feet / 4 Feet Fluorescent

Fluorescent UV BLacklights with casing. Available in lengths of 2 feet (25 watts) and 4 feet (40 watts)

From USD70

160 Watts UV Bulb

High Powered 160 watts UV Flood Light Bulb. Meant for outdoor usage and in a suitable casing.