Glow in the Dark Plastic

Glow Plastic Masterbatch Pellets for Molding

Glow in the Dark Plastic Pellets / Master batches are specially manufactured for Plastic Injection Molding purposes. Plastic molding is used mainly for the production of glow in the dark, plastic products like plastic toys, plastic casings, plastic credit cards, etc…

You could still manufacture plastic products that glow, by mixing the glow powder directly into plastic and molding but anyone who has tried it would know that it is easier said than done. Which is why we created plastic pellets, which already contain the glow powder. All you have to do is to melt it and mold into your required shape.

Glow plastic masterbatch pellets is the best way to produce glow in the dark plastic products, but it is also very costly. Reason for this is because you would need to create a mold, usually out of cast steel. Cost for this alone can run into thousands of dollars. So unless you are thinking of manufacturing this in large quantities, it is not worth it. Cheaper alternate methods of applying glow to plastic would be painting.

We carry two types of Plastic Masterbatch.

One is pre-mixed for direct moulding and the other is a dye for mixing into other types of plastic.

PP, PE & ABS Plastic
Masterbatch Pellets

Direct molding. No further mixing needed.

Universal Plastic Masterbatch Pellets Dye

Can be mixed with other plastic resins