Glow Signage and Banners

glow sign front back

Wall Mounted Glow Signs

Made from PVC with galvanized aluminium alloy frame. Comes with hooks at the back for mounting on walls.

Signage in this photo is reverse glow. Meaning the bakground glows. These type of signages come in reverse glow only.

glow sign self stand

Self Standing Glow Signs

Self-standing Glow Signs can be placed on any table, shelf or any flat surface. These signs are meant for indoor usage.

Self standing glow signs. Can be made in full color with any text or image (reverse glow) or one glow color (front glow color).

exit s

Aluminium or PVC Sticker Glow Signs

Glow signs made from aluminum plates or PVC Glow Vinyl. Those made from aluminum sheets are rigid and cannot be bent easily. Installation is by drilling or double-sided tape.

Glow signs made from PVC glow vinyl come with adhesive backing.

fire exit 350j

Dual Glow Signs

Dual glow signages are signs where both the front side and the back side glows in the dark. The other signages only have the front side glowing.

Dual glow signages come in handy when you want both the front and back of the sign to be seen.

Dual glow signages comes in reverse glow only (the background glows).

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