Glow in the Dark Surface Protection

Most of our Glow Products have a life span of up to 10 years. This means that it can be re-charged by exposure to light over and over again. Actual life span depends a lot on the product and the environment in which it is used. Our glow products generally last much longer indoors than out doors.

Another point to consider would be friction. Lifespan of the glow product would also be reduced in situations where there is constant friction. Examples of this could be painting of glow paint on the floor or railings in places where there is heavy human traffic.

Bottom line is this. No product lasts forever. But you can increase the lifespan of the product, by applying additional protection, on the glow surfaces. There are two types of protection available for glow in the dark.

Plastic CLear Spray Protector

1) Plastic Clear Spray Protector:

This protector is suitable for protecting your printed surface, on Glow Paper. It is a light protector meant for water-proofing your prints. We do not carry this product, but it can be purchased at any paint or graphic art store. Ask for a Clear Spray Protector that protects your prints.

2) Gloss Epoxy Protector (For heavy duty protection)

Consists of 2 parts. Epoxy and Hardener. When mixed together, it hardens after 24 hours, to form a clear protective glossy coating.

Main use is for protection of objects and materials like signs and banners, from the harsh out-door environment. Can also be used to give a nice glossy finish to any product.It forms an extremely hard, scratch proof, glossy, protective surface.

Gloss Epoxy Protector
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