Thermochromic Printing Inks ( 3 kg pack)


Thermo Chromic Inks change color as their temperature changes.


Pre-Mixed Thermochromic Inks change color as their temperature changes.
Our thermochromic inks all work the same way:

* Below the Activation temperature they are colored
* Above the Activation temperature they become clear or lightly colored, revealing any image printed below.
* As the ink cools to Activation temperature, the original color returns, thereby hiding the image underneath.

Low Temperature: ink is used for applications in the refrigeration temperature range, like beverage labels and ice-cream packaging. Activation temperature in this case would be cold or freezing.

Body Temperature: ink is designed to show color at normal room temperature and to change color when rubbed with the finger or by breathing on it. It is used on packaging and other interactive products as well as a security feature for checks, prescription pads, and other important documents. Activation temperature would be body temperature.

High Temperature: formulation changes color just below the pain threshold temperature for skin, which is why it is a great safety feature on labels for microwaveable products and hot beverages.

Production Time for this product is 14 days.



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Weight 6 kg


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