Scented UV Body Paint (Set of 8 colors)


Scented UV Body Paint. Amount of each color is 8ml (1/2 ounce).

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Full set of 8 UV Blacklight Reactive Body Paints which have their own smell. These are water based paints. Dilute with water if required. Can be applied on skin. Wash off with water.

Set of UV Body Paints contains:
1) Orange color - Orange scent
2) Purple color - Lavender scent
3) Orange color - Orange scent
4) Green color - Green Tea scent
5) Red color - Rose scent
6) White color - Lily scent
7) Blue color - Blueberry scent
8) Yellow color - Lemon scent

Total 8 colors in a set.

Amount of each color is 8ml (1/2 ounce).


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