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Glow in the Dark Roads is achieved by applying Glow Gravel as a top layer on existing roads, pavements and highways. This enables it to absorb daylight and Glow in the night, when it is dark. It comes in different sizes. The smaller ones (below 3 mm), can be used on paths and beaches. The larger ones can be used as gravel for roads.

Glow in the Dark Gravel, is produced from Thermo Plastic Polymer. It can be used as a top layer on existing roads, pavements and highways, for the purpose of making it glow in the dark. It does not work when mixed into concrete. It should only be used as a top layer on concrete or cement.

Recommended thickness of Glow Gravel over existing roads is at least 5mm, for a good glowing effect. Glow time is between 10 to 12 hours, dropping to around 5 mcd/m² near the 10 hour.

Required quantity required depends on the gravel size. But as rule of thumb, for an area measuring 25 square meters (5 meters x 5 meters), with a depth of 5mm, you would require around 200 kilograms of Glow Aggregate.

Glow in the Dark Gravel is sold in 1 kilogram bags and available in Green, Blue or Violet Glow.

Discount up to 40% for orders above 500 kilograms.

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
Glow Gravel Size

Small (1 to 3 mm), Medium (3 to 5 mm), Large (8 to 15mm)


2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg


Pete's Luminous Creations

Glow in the Dark Product Manufacturer

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  1. Mike conney

    A great product for mixing with aggregate for paving glow in the dark roads. Glow intensity depends on how close the aggregate is packed. Better effect could be achieved with good glow paints.

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