Bright Glow in the Dark Glass – (1kg Pack)

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High Temperature Glow in the Dark Glass Sand Granules, are suitable for use in extremely high temperature applications. While this product can withstand higher than normal temperatures, it cannot be exposed to these temperatures for more than 15 minutes or it will brown. Adding it to glass is a trial and error process. It should be added in the molding process at just the right moment just when the molding glass starts to cool off.

Glow in the Dark Glass. With a working temperature between 1000-1400C, it is now possible to use this glow product in industries like ceramics or glass.

Product Code - GPL-20
Particle Size: 20 (840 microns) to 25 mesh (700 microns)
Glow Time: 12 hours

Product Code - GPL-30
Particle Size: 25 mesh (700 microns) to 40 mesh (400 microns)
Glow Time: 12 hours

This product comes packed in 1 kilogram packs.
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm



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1 review for Bright Glow in the Dark Glass – (1kg Pack)

  1. Samy

    Browns out at temperatures below 1500 C, Glass melts at over 3000 deg C

    • GlowBoss

      Max temp is at 1400 deg C. Anything higher will cause the product to burn.

    • GlowBoss

      Sorry about that. But max temperature glow material can withstand is 1200 degC.

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