Glow in the Dark Fabric Cloth

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Glow in the Dark Fabric Cloth, coated with glow in the dark pigment on one side. Can be used to produce glow in the dark clothes. The material differs from regular cloth material as the front side (glowing side) is slightly rough. The backside (non glowing side), is soft and comfortable and suitable for producing clothes, costumes etc..

Product width size is 1.5 square meters.

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Glow in the dark fabric or cloth is produced from glow thread and knitted into bales of fabric, which can be used to produce glow in the dark garments, clothes, toys or anything that is currently produced by cloth material.

Glow time for for glow cloth/fabric is more than 4 hours after a full charge. full charge is accomplished by exposing the product to UV light for a few minutes or normal indoor lighting for 20 minutes.

Product size for this order is 1.5 square meters of Glow in the Dark Fabric. Product would be folded and shipped for reduced shipping charges.

You can order more than 1.5 square meters, but it would be cut and folded as one piece. For example if you were to order 5 square meters, you would receive the glow fabric material measuring 1.5 meter width by 3.3 meters in length, folded into a smaller piece.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 20 cm



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1 review for Glow in the Dark Fabric Cloth

  1. Tanya

    Looks like it is coated with glow material and not wovev as cloth should be.

    • GlowBoss

      The fibres are dyed with glow ink and woven together, to form the cloth material. What exactly is your complaint about?

    • GlowBoss

      The fibres are coated and woven together, to form the cloth material. What exact;y is your complaint about?

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