Residents in a north-east community have launched a new scheme aimed at reducing the issue of dog fouling.

Westhill and Elrick Community Council is behind the move, which will see glow-in-the-dark signs placed around several prominent locations in the area.

Glow in the Dark products are usually used as an emergency light source in the occurrence of a power failure causing sudden darkness. This is the first time it is being used to remind dog owners to clean up after their pets in the dark. Great idea though.


Glow Signs

The Glow in the Dark Signs look like they were either Digitally or offset printed in full colour.

Glow in the Dark Ink Jet or Laser Printing

Digital printing refers to Ink Jet or Laser printing methods. We do not have glow inks suitable for such printers. What we have though is Glow in the Dark Photo Paper which can be used in ink jet or laser printers. One can print full colour photographs and signs that glow in the dark. For such cases, the print does not glow. Only the paper glows.

Glow in the Dark Offset Printing.

InkJet or Laser printing can be costly if you are printing in large quantities. Any amount above 2000 copies can be considered large. For such quantities, it is better to go for offset printing.

We have Glow in the Dark Offset Inks for this printing method. Using is pretty straightforward. You just add this as a separate colour during the printing process. With this method, only areas printed with glow ink will glow in the dark.