There have been many queries about the UV lights we deal in. Many are concerned about its safety and whether it can cause radiation. This confusion arises because there are safe UV rays and also harmful UV rays. Just for the record, we deal only in UVA Black Light Bulbs and Tubes.

Different Types Of UV Lights

The visible spectrum of light starts of with Infra Red, to Red, with Yellow in the middle and goes on to Blue and finally Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet Light can be divided into:


Long wave
(315nm to 400nm)

UVA LightSafe for general use.

Used to detect counterfeit notes.

Also used to charge up Glow and UV products.


Medium wave
(280nm to 315nm)

UVB LightMixture of UVA and UVB

Can be found in tanning beds.


Short wave
(100nm to 280nm)

UVCProduces dangerous rays

Clear tubes used for germicidal applications and UV curing in offset printing.

UV In Our Atmosphere

Our atmosphere blocks out harmful high-energy radiation like x-rays, gamma rays and most of the ultraviolet rays. The atmosphere also absorbs most of the infrared radiation which reaches the Earth from space. On the other end, the atmosphere blocks most UVC rays and reduces the amount of UVB rays which reach the surface, while allowing UVA rays to filter through.


The video below explains more in detail about the different UV tubes and also gives a demonstration of each.