Glow in the Dark Aluminum Safety Strips (3 Short Strips)


Packaging Information.
Glow in the Dark Mini Strips comes in a pack of 3 strips.
Each strip measures 5cm (2″) width x 33cm (13″) length.



Glow in the Dark Strips are made from aluminum plates, coated with Glow in the Dark pigments. A 10 minute exposure to any light source, can cause the plates to glow in the dark for hours.

Extremely useful in situations where there is a sudden power failure and it becomes dark suddenly. No more stumbling over the stairs in the dark.

As the back part is a flat aluminum base, it can also be used as glow in the dark indication strips for pathways, roadways, edges for pools and more…

Installation is by drilling and screwing or embedding in grout like floor tiles.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg


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