What is the Difference between Phosphorus Glow in the Dark and Radium?

Both products glow in the dark but there is a very important difference between them. Phosphorus is non toxic and safe for general use, while Radium is radioactive and not available for sale to the general public. You need a license and special permits to handle this material.

How does Phosphorus glow in the dark products work?

Glow in the Dark products contain phosphorus (a non toxic substance) which has the ability to absorb and store surrounding light. When it is dark it starts to release the stored light which is visible in the form of a glow. So basically it needs to be exposed to light before it can work. It works similar to the natural process of photosynthesis.

How does Radium glow in the dark products work?

I am not familiar with this product but if you were to do a search, there is a ton of information from wiki on this subject. All I know is that this substance is radioactive and that the glow it produces looks similar to phosphorus glow. Which is why the next question is so frequently asked?

Are glow in the dark products safe?

Phosphorus is a natural mineral found in the human body. Phosphorus Glow in the dark products is perfectly safe for everyday use. There are no radioactive materials of any sort in phosphorus glow in the dark products that are sold on this site.

On the other hand, Radium Glow in the dark is extremely toxic and radioactive. They are not available for sale to the general public. One needs a special license to buy and deal with it.

How to differentiate between the safe phosphorus glow and the radioactive radium glow?

Phosphorus glow absorbs and stores surrounding light. When it is dark, the stored light is slowly released in the form of a glow. The glow can only last between 3 to 10 hours, before it needs to be exposed to light again in order to glow. Phosphorus glow comes in powder form and can be handled safely.

Radium glow produces light on its own through a chemical process. This light can last for many years until the radioactive material wears off. It is usually stored in glass tubes and cannot be handled. It is not available for sale to the general public. One needs to have special clearance and permits in order to import or use them.

Many get confused and associate all green glow products to be radioactive. This is not true. Phosphorus glow is non toxic and non radioactive. All the glow products on sale here are produced with phosphorus and is perfectly safe.

Phosphorus Glow

Radium Glow

Glows for hours. Recharge by exposing to light. Glows for years
Gets charged by exposing to light Produces light by radioactive chemical means
Safe to touch. Can be used without any restrictions. Usually comes in clear glass tubes. Not safe to touch. If tubes were to break, there is a risk of radiation
Available in many different glowing colours Only glows in green.


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