Glow in the Dark Stickers are made from soft vinyl. This material is flexible and can be cut into any shape easily with a pair of scissors. They are also thin enough to be used in a die-cutter for more accurate shapes or designs.

Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark products work similarly to Photosynthesis They have the ability to absorb light and store it. In the dark, this stored light is released in the form of a glow – hence glow in the dark. Glow in the Dark Stickers have the ability to glow in the dark for 8 to 10 hours, after being exposed to light for around 15 minutes.

Glow Stickers are safe for use indoors and even in children’s room because unlike glow paint, these emit no toxic smell. Most children are afraid of the dark. That is where their imaginations run wild. This is why we fix a night light in their room.

Now imagine having night lights cut in different shapes and sizes all over the room. Imagine being able to change the shape and position of these night lights daily. It would be a new adventure every night, for your child.

Glow in the Dark  Wall Stickers

Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers can also be used as wall stickers. While ready made designs depend on ex stock, we also offer custom die cutting services for any shape or design you can think of. Since Glow Vinyl is slightly thicker than normal PVC stickers, small detailed designs may not be possible.

Imaging having a Glow Themed Halloween Party with shapes of skeletons, skulls and other eerie designs all over the place.

Glow Wall Sticker
Escape Emergency Glowing

Glow Stickers can also be printed on using the silk screen printing method. Due to the cost for creating the screen printing moulds, you can consider printing only when you have a sizeable amount of at least 100 pieces and above! for printing.

Glow in the Dark Stars

One easy way to achieve the effect of Glow in the Dark Stars on your ceiling would be to punch holes in a sheet of glow in the dark sticker.

You can do this with any hole puncher or paper puncher.  Punch a number of holes in glow sticker using the puncher. Collect the circular shape cutouts and stick them on your ceiling.

You now have a night sky filled with glowing stars. The smaller the holes, the more realistic they will look.

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