No one can predict when a power failure will happen. When it happens, one is always caught off guard. Many homes owners think that with flash lights and candles, they are well prepared for sudden darkness due to a power failure. But they forgot about the most important problem. How to find these items in sudden darkness?

Introducing Glow in the Dark

The most reliable backup Emergency Lighting.


Key advantages of using Glow in the Dark

  • Glow in the Dark products give out Free! Light
  • Glow in the dark products are non-toxic
  • Glow in the dark products work best when there is sudden darkness
  • No maintenance needed
  • No cabling or power needed

Safety benefits

Glow in the dark products have many practical uses. Some are used as night lights for children. It is also used as safety light for the elderly. But the most practical application would be as Emergency Back up Lighting.

Unlike conventional emergency lighting which consumes power, requires maintenance and change of parts, Glow in the dark products do not need any power source, requires no maintenance or change of parts. Just install and forget about it. It lasts for years!!!

Best part! Glow products are guaranteed to light up immediately when there is sudden darkness due to a power failure (blackout).

Types of Glow in the Dark products suitable for use as Emergency Lighting

Glow in the Dark comes in powder form. From this other products like paint, stickers, plastic, fabric and more are manufactured.

Glow Paint

The most popular product is our glow in the dark paint. It is very versatile and can be applied on any surface, creating an instant glow in the dark area.

Cat's Eye Glow Paint
Cat’s Eye Glow Paint

Staircase Nosing

Glow Staircase Nozing

Next would be our aluminum staircase nosing plates. These are the perfect emergency lighting for staircases. No cabling to run or maintenance needed ever. But guaranteed to work when there is sudden darkness by lighting up each step on the staircase.

Glow Tape

Then we have Glow in the Dark Tape. It is made from viny material and comes with sticky backing. This product is super easy to use. Just cut with a pair of scissors and paste it. Perfect for modeling projects or in situations where the application area is small

Glow in the Dark Tape Glowing

How long can the products last

Lifespan of the glow material is more than 20 years. The material can be charged and re-charged thousands of times and the glow quality will not degrade. Lifespan in actual applications vary depending on the environment, friction caused by movement and other factors.


In most outdoor environments, glow products can last for at least 12 months – Longer if the surface is well protected.


Lifespan in indoor environment with no human traffic or contact is at least 5 years. With regular human contact, lifespan is about 6 months to a year.

The best way to prepare your home and office for sudden darkness, due to a power failure, is by using Glow in the Dark Products – The most reliable backup Emergency Lighting system.