Thermo Chromic Printing Inks

Thermo Chromic inks change  color as their temperature changes. Our thermochromic inks all work the same way:

  • below the activation temperature they are colored
  • above the activation temperature they are clear or lightly colored.
  • As the ink cools, the original color returns.

Low Temperature Thermochromic Inks

Low Temperature: ink is used for applications in the refrigeration temperature range, like beverage labels and ice-cream packaging. Once the temperature rises, a warning can appear.

Body Temperature Thermochromic Inks

Body Temperature: ink is designed to show color at normal room temperature and to change color when rubbed with the finger or by breathing on it. It is used on packaging and other interactive products as well as a security feature for checks, prescription pads, and other important documents.

High Temperature Thermochromic Inks

High Temperature: formulation changes color just below the pain threshold temperature for skin, which is why it is a great safety feature on labels for microwaveable products, hot beverages and pizza boxes.

Termochromic Printing Inks

Thermo Chromic inks can change  color according to the surrounding temperature.

The change occurs once the activation temperature is reached.

termo inks1

Below Activation Temperature

Thermo chromic inks are colored when they are below the activation temperature. This effectively covers any text or design that is printed underneath.

termo inks

Activation Temperature

Once the activation temperature is reached, they become clear or transparent. This will then reveal any text or design that is printed below.

Thermo ChromicPrinting Inks

Printing Method

Cost for 3 Kilograms

Minimum Order

Flexo / Gravure Water based

3 kilograms


Flexo / Gravure Solvent based
Silk Screen Water based
Silk Screen Plastisol based
Silk Screen Solvent based