Glow in the Dark Thread – 1 kg pack

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Glow in the Dark Thread is suitable for Hand sewing, Stitching, Machine Sewing and Embroidery. As this product is coated with glow pigments, its texture is lightly rough. Its tensile strength is also affected. When used in sewing machines, lower the tension to prevent breakage.

Sold by the kilogram. 8 spools in one kg pack.

Glow in the dark thread:

High intensity Photo Luminescent Thread

Machine Sewing and embroidery on, cloth, badges, tags, etc.

This product is sold in spools. Average length of thread per spool is 3700 meters (4046 yards).

1 kg Package contains 8 spools.

You can choose either one color or a combination of colors. If you select 3 colors from the list above, we will send 8 spools containing these 3 colors only.

At times, we may not have stock for certain colors. Please contact us prior to placing an order.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm



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1 review for Glow in the Dark Thread – 1 kg pack

  1. Millie

    Does glow but not for long.

    • GlowBoss

      Max glow time for thread is around 15 minutes.

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