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Paint a realistic illusion of a night sky filled with glow in the dark stars on any ceiling. This is a painting kit and not stickers. The Nightsky Illusion kit contains all the tools needed to paint a realistic looking night sky filled with glowing stars, on any type of ceiling.  Painting hundreds of stars on a ceiling might sound like mission impossible, but with the right tools and training, it can be done under 4 hours.

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Basic NightSky Illusion kit contains the tools and instructions needed to enable anyone to paint realistic looking stars and constellations on any ceiling, transforming it into a NightSky.

The Night Sky Basic Kit shows you how to transform any ceiling into a Night Sky filled with glowing stars and constellations.

Night Sky Basic kit comes with enough paint to cover an area of up to 200 sq feet, with stars and constellations only.

Each Pack of Basic Night Sky Kit contains:
1) 30 grams of Night Sky Star Powder approx (11 ounces)
2) 100ml of NightSky Clear Ink approx (34 ounces)
3) Night Sky applicator for painting stars and constellations
4) Night Sky tutorial video (Mpeg or DVD)

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 15 cm



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1 review for Buy Night Sky Illusion Kit – Glow in the Dark Stars!

  1. Tina

    It is a good product and works as advertised. Rating as 4 stars because it is not easy to use. First, I had to watch the video through a PC. Then it was a bit hard to mix the paint in the applicator. But once applied, the paint does glow for a while.

    • GlowBoss

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