Glow in the Dark Plastic Rocks – 1 kg pack

Glow in the Dark Plastic Rocks, are odd shaped small pieces of plastic, which can glow in the dark. They are water proof, making it suitable for use in aquariums, fish tanks and ponds. The faint glow these create in the dark, mimics the natural florescence visible in the ocean.

Available in 4 colours. Comes packed and sold in 1 kilogram bags.

Glow in the dark rocks, also known as aquarium rocks, gravel or pebbles, are manufactured from plastic pellets.

Now added with extra photo luminescent pigment, these rocks, glow brighter, longer and in bright colors.

The glow rocks are much larger than pellets with the average size about 5 mm square (3/10"). It is also shaped irregularly and some pieces might have sharp edges.

Glow Rocks comes in 4 different colors. Glow time for each color is as follows:

Green - 4 hours
Blue - 4 hours

Each color pack weighs 1 kg.

Discount up to 40% for orders above 500 kilograms.

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 10 cm


Pete's Luminous Creations

Glow in the Dark Product Manufacturer


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