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Glow in the Dark Paper for inkjet or laser printers. Print full colour photos and images on this paper. Expose it to light and it will Glow in the Dark! This is photo quality glow in the dark printer paper.

Glow in the Dark Paper is available in two types. One is for water based ink-jet printers and the other for laser printers. This is photo quality glow in the dark printer paper, for printing high resolution photos in full colour. Expose to light, bring it in the dark and watch your print outs glow in the dark.

Under Normal Light, the printed text and images look the same, as when printed on any normal photo paper, but in the Dark, the paper glows thereby illuminating the printed text and images. For certain grades of paper, printed images might look slightly off color because the background color is light-green.

This product can be used in any ordinary, non commercial inkjet or laser printer. Design stunning labels, menus, advertisements or anything you can design on your computer. Print it in full colour on this photo paper. Expose it to light for a while and them bring it in a dark place and watch it glow for hours. The printed image does not glow. Only the paper does. But the printed image would be clearly visible in the dark. It might be a bit off colour though.

Suitable for use in Schools for Art Classes or for those interested in creating their own Labels, Signs, Photos or Designs, that can Glow in the Dark. Stand Out at Parties by printing Photographs that Glow.

Minimum order is 1 A4 sized Sheet costing USD10.

You can order this in other Product Sizes like:

  • 1 Square Meter (91.4 cm x 1 meter) roll
  • 9.14 square meters (91.4 cm width x 10 meters length) roll

Standard size is A4. We can cut according to your required size. MOQ for other sizes is 1 square meter. You can order 1 square meter and above and have us cut it into your required Printer Size.

1 square meter can be cut into the following number of pieces.

  • A4 - 16 Sheets
  • A3 - 8 Sheets

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 2 cm



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4 reviews for Glow in the Dark Paper – Inkjet – Laser Photo Printing

  1. Ryan

    Tried using this in my Epson printer and it works. Was worried that it might get stuck because the back part is very smooth, but there were no problems.

  2. Sammy

    The slippery texture on the back caused it to slip a bit during the process. I had to stick a normal paper behind the glow paper to ensure the rubbers on the printer have a proper grip. But the end results are worth it.

    • GlowBoss

      Thanks for the review and suggestion.

  3. Matthew

    My kids have endless hours of fun printing photos and watching them glow in the dark.

  4. Bryan

    Printed and framed some A3 sized scenery shots and framed them up. Results are awesome.

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