Glow in the Dark Board Front and Back Glow


Glow in the Dark Board that glows on both sides (front and back). This is made from hard PVC plastic. Material thickness is 2mm. Great for creating signs or notices, that needs to be visible in the dark, from the front and back. These can be warning signs, safety or even directional signs.

MOQ is 1 meter (1.09 yards) x 1.2 meters (1.64 yards).

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Glow in the Dark Board coated with Glow Pigment on both the front and back. The whole board glows n the dark . Great for making signages that must be seen on both sides (Front and Back).

The easiest way to make professional looking signage glow would be to print them in full colour on Clear Stickers, the paste them on the Glow in the Dark Board. Other methods could be by silk screen printing on our Glow Boards.

Glow in the dark board is made from hard PVC material. While they are flexible to some extent, they cannot be folded for shipping. So it would be shipped rolled up.

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Weight20 kg
Dimensions120 × 120 × 10 cm



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