Glow in the Dark Alphabets and Numbers

Price Per Character: $8

Upload a file with your numbers and alphabets and the system will calculate the total cost.

Please upload your .doc, .docx, .pdf , .txt .po , .pot to get a price.


Custom Made Glow in the Dark sign consists of Alphabets and Numbers of your choice, made into a glow in the dark sign.

You can custom make your signs by uploading a file containing all the lettering (without spacing), in the space above.

Cost for the sign depends on the total amount of Alphabets and Numbers in the sign.

Size of each letter is 12.5 cm x 20.5 cm (5″ x 8.2″). Price per letter is USD9.80.

Glow time for this product is more than 8 hours after a full charge. Take note that only the letters glow in the dark.

We can also produce custom made signs which contains graphics. If you require such signs, contact us with your requirements.

Production time required for all custom made signs is 7 days.

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