Fire Safety Signs (5 pieces)

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Fire Safety Signs (5 pieces) measuring 5 square inches each.


Glow in the Dark Signage are ready made signs that glow in the dark. Using hard acrylic and PVC materials, together with our long glow in the dark material, we have created a tough, long lasting sign that can glow in the dark for hours.

These weather proof signs can be used as interior or exterior signage. They require practically "No Maintenance" and "No Electricity". All that is required for these signs to work is exposure to light.

Expose the signage to normal light for around 30 minutes or UV light for around 5 minutes and these signs can glow in the dark for hours. Really handy in situations like a power failure.

These signs can withstand tough environmental conditions. They are water proof, fire retardant and not affected by salt, making it suitable for use on ships and vessels. Signs come with hooks at the back for easy installation.



Glow in the Dark product distributor.

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  1. Robin

    Comes encased in metal brackets. Good sturdy construction.

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