Cat`s Eye Glow in the Dark Paint




Cat’s eye glow in the dark paint is pre-mixed, high quality, solvent based glow in the dark paint, similar to the glow paint we sell in litres (quarts).

Only difference is that this is produced and packed in smaller sizes suitable for those who want to experiment with it or try it first before buying larger quantities..

Cat’s Eye Glow Paint can be applied onto any surface, causing it to glow in the dark for hours!! You can apply this onto metal, wood, plastic, paper, even finger or toe nails and it will glow in the dark. Remove the paint with thinner.

Same rules apply when using glow paint.

a) Glow paint is most effective when applied on light colored backgrounds like white, cream, light blue, etc..).
b) For best results, glow painting should be done in the dark and under a UV black light.

The term “Cat’s Eye” is used as a product name and logo to identify this product. Cat’s Eye Glow Paint comes in packed in a transparent glass bottle and labeled with a transparent sticker, so that the the glow effects are clearly visible, as shown in the photos above.

Cat’s Eye Glow Paint is available in the following sizes:

1) 30ml (1 fl.oz)
2) 60ml (2 fl. oz)

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