Photoluminescent Stair Nosing are aluminum plates coated with photo luminescent glow in the dark material on one side. The purpose is for it to function as a secondary light source in an emergency power failure.

A Bit About Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark

Photoluminescent material has the ability to absorb and store surrounding light. When there is a power failure or sudden blackout, it then releases this stored light in the form of a glow.

Through research over the years and the use of new chemicals, the brightness and length of glow for Photo Luminescent products have evolved. It is possible to have luminous materials that can glow in the dark for hours! after exposure to sunlight for just a few minutes.

Photoluminescent Stair Treads


  • Easy to install. Just drill and screw or embed the plate in wet cement.
  • Can be installed anywhere.
  • No messy cabling or wiring needed.
  • Does not need any external power like batteries or electricity.
  • Lasts for many years with no maintenance


  • Must be installed in places where there is bright light.
  • It needs surrounding light to get charged.
  • Charging is only possible with White, Blue or UV black lights
  • It does not get charged with Yellow (tungsten) or Green light sources
Photoluminescent Stair Nosing
photoluminescent aluminum stair nosing

Photo luminescent Aluminum Stair Nosing can be used as a secondary emergency light source. The fact that it can be installed anywhere easily and requires no maintenance, should be reason enough to use it especially in places where the main emergency lighting is not visible.

While it made for use on stairs, you can use it in other places like:

  • Swimming pool edges
  • Pavements and Walkways
  • Anywhere, where there are sudden edge drops

Photo Luminescent principle works on recycling light energy and is totally green. It is able to give out light for hours without the consumption of any external power.

Luminous Glow in the Dark technology is gaining recognition as the most reliable Emergency Lighting system. This is due to the fact that one can just install and forget about it as there is no maintenance required. It also works best in situations when there is sudden loss of light like when the lights are switched off or when there is a power failure. Visit Photoluminescent Aluminum Stair Nosing for product details.