Glow in the Dark Printing Inks

This section is about Photo Luminous Glow in the Dark inks and not Glow in the Dark Paints. Difference between glow inks and glow paints is that paints are meant to be applied by brush or spray. Inks are meant for printing purposes.

These inks come pre-mixed with our long glow powder and ready for immediate use. There are different inks for different applications and surfaces. The inks are available in a standard color of ‘Cream’ under normal light, with a ‘Light Green’ glow color, in the dark.

The table below shows the different types of glow printing inks we carry.

Glow in the Dark Printing Ink
Glow in the Dark Printing Inks

Printing Method

Cost for 2 kg set

Minimum Order

Offset Wet or Dry

2 kilograms

Metal Deco (printing on cans)




Silk Screen