Five Creative Ways to use Glow in the Stickers.

  1. Pathway Guide: Cut this into thin strips and paste them on walk ways, paths, railings, staircase. Useful in case of a sudden power failure. Long glow sticker is recommended for this.
  2. Keyhole guide Cut this into a circular shape, make a slit in the canter and stick in onto your key hole. Useful in finding your key hole in the dark. You can also apply the same idea for light switches. Long glow sticker is recommended for this.
  3. Signs & Banners Glow in the dark stickers can be cut easily into shapes or letters and made into signs that glow. You can also screen print on them.
  4. You can create a simple temporary glow in the dark sign using the sticker, a stencil and a whiteboard marker. Glow Sticker SignUse a permanent marker if you want it to be permanent. Home made Sign using Stencil Use the stencil and marker to write on the sticker. You now have a glow in the dark sign. Wipe it off when you are finished with it or want to create another sign.
  5. Photographs and Greeting Cards You can use the Inkjet Photo quality Photo Paper for this. Create and print designs, images and photos in full color, all from your inkjet printer at home.
  6. Glow Wall Create a glowing wall by pasting glow sticker sheets onto walls. Useful for clubs where you might want to make a particular area stand out. Can also be used to make temporary impressions or shadows, just by standing in front of it for a few seconds. Kids just love this. You would need an electrical UV Black Light for this to work effectively. Short glow sticker is recommended for this.
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