Glow in the Dark Aquarium Rocks

Glow in the Dark Rocks, also known as Glow Aquarium rocks aka glow gravel, are manufactured from plastic pellets. Now added with extra photo luminescent pigment, these rocks, glow brighter, longer and in bright colors. Expose it to normal light for 35 minutes or UV light for 5 minutes and it would glow in the dark for hours.

The Glow Rocks are much larger than pellets with the average size about 5 mm square (3/10″) and available in different colors as shown below. Glow Rocks are much smaller than Glow Pebbles

Glow rocks and pebbles in aquarium

Where to Use Glow Aquarium Rocks

Common for this product would be to line the bottom of fish tanks, aquariums or ponds. Being water resistant as it is made from plastic,  makes it suitable for use both indoors and out.

Glow in the dark rocks can also be embedded in sand, cement and other material to be used as pathway or as emergency guides. Available in four colors, Green, Red, Blue and Aqua, it is also possible to use this product for art creations. Can also be used as a top layer for potted plants.

Product Code
Body Color
Glow Color
Glow Time
Cost / kg (2.2 lbs)
Glow Rocks Green
Glow Rocks Green Glows
4 hour
Glow Rocks Red Glows
Glow Rocks Red
2 hour
Glow Rocks Aqua
Glow Rocks Aqua Glows
3 hour
Glow Rocks Blue
Glow Rocks Blue Glows
4 hour

Minimum Order quantity is 4 kilograms
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds