Method of Application for
Glow in the Dark Stones on Gravel

Glow in the Dark Gravel should be applied over existing road surfaces and not mixed with concrete.

  1. Apply first coat of Primer / Sealer
  2. Mix the Glow Gravel with a suitable Clear Binder or Glue and spread evenly over the road surface.
  3. Mixing ratio is around 25-35% of Glow Gravel mixed into 80% Clear Binder.
  4. Recommended thickness of Glow Gravel is at least 5mm.
  5. Complete the finished surface with a coat of Sealer and Hardener.

We carry the following for road paving works:

  • Inorganic Glow Gravel for mixing with sand, stone, cement and concrete
  • Organic Glow Gravel for Thermoplastic roads.

How much Glow in the Dark Stones do I need for a driveway?

The size of the Glow material does affect the quantity required. The larger the size of the gravel, the less quantity is required.

On average, for an area measuring:

1 square meter (1 meter x 1 meter),
with a depth of 5mm,
you would require around 6.5 kilograms of Glow Stones Aggregate

Glow in the Dark Concrete