How do glow in the dark stickers glow?

They glow using a method similar to photosynthesis and that is by absorbing and releasing surrounding light.  This type of glow uses phosphorus (a natural and safe substance found in human bodies) to produce the glow effect. This form of glow is non radioactive and perfectly safe for use at home.

What are glow stickers made from?

They are made from flexible vinyl material.

How are glow stickers sold?

We sell them in rolls measuring:

A4 sized sheets

1 meter square

1 meter x 10 meters roll

1 meter x 30 meters roll

1 meter x 50 meters roll

How to use Glow in the Dark Stickers?

There are many ways to use glow stickers.


You can write on them. If you use an erasable marker, you can erase and re-write again.


One can print graphics, signage and more on glow stickers, using the silk screen printing method.  Other printing methods are not supported at the moment. But one could achieve the same effects by printing on clear transparencies and pasting it on glow stickers.

Cutting and Die-Cutting

Due to the flexible properties of the vinyl material, it can be cut into various shapes and stuck on any surface.  Glow in the dark vinyl stickers are thin enough to be easily cut with a penknife or a pair of scissors.

Glow in the dark stickers can be cut into stars and other shapes and pasted on walls and ceilings.

One of our customers used a paper-hole puncher to punch holes in glow sticker. They then used the circular cutouts and pasted it on the ceiling, to create an illusion of a Night Sky filled with glowing stars when the lights are switched off.

Another practical use for glow stickers would be to cut them into small squares or triangles and paste them on switches or switch boards. This would come in handy when there is a power trip and you need to reset the power supply.

Glow in the dark sticker in roll form can be used to create glow in the dark wall.  This is where a bright flash is used to create an outline.