Glow in the Sticker to Luminous Tape

Luminous Masking Tape is made from Sticker that Glows in the Dark. Easily activated by exposing it to any light source; even a torchlight.

Practical uses are endless as the PVC glow in the dark tape is thin enough to be cut easily with a pair of scissors. Then paste it on any surface indoors or out.

Practical Uses of Glow in the Dark Tape

The usefulness of Glow in the Dark Sticker can only be realized when there is a sudden power failure (blackout).

I have been through this situation where I am working on the computer and staring at the bright screen when suddenly! A power failure shuts everything down. It is quite shocking trust me.

But to have those small areas, marked with Glow in the Dark, automatically start to give out light in such situations is a life saver.

  • Marking edges of objects in a room will ensure no one bumps into it in the dark and can also be a guide
  • Sticking Glow tape on essential items like torch lights, key pouches… will ensure that these can be found in the dark

Glow in the Dark Tape is a DIY cut and paste product that can make any surface Glow in the Dark instantly!. It just needs a 30 second exposure to light in order to start glowing. The glow can be visible for hours.

Want something more creative? Check out our Glow in the Dark Photo Paper.

This product can be used in any Inkjet or laser printer, to print full colored graphics, photos or anything that you can design.

Print Warning Signs, Advertising Banners, Photos, Notices and more…That can Glow in the Dark! for Hours!

Glow Photo Paper