If you have ever gone camping and happen to lay down outside to go to sleep, you would have realized that just by gazing at the night sky filled with stars together with the natural sound of the surroundings, sleep comes easily.

Children always have difficulty sleeping when it is time to do so. Worse! Most are scared of the dark. There is usually some form of light always on in some part of a child’s room to give them some comfort and assurance that monsters won’t come. But that small light in the corner of the room does not help them fall asleep at all. They can still lie in the bed for hours with their eyes wide open.

Just like adults, gazing at a night sky filled with glowing stars, moon etc… can not only bring comfort, but also drowsiness to a child and in a short time, they would be fast asleep.

How to transform any Bedroom Ceiling into a NightSky filled with Glowing Stars?

This can be done with the use of Glow in the Dark products. These products work by absorbing surrounding light and storing it. When it is dark, the stored light becomes visible in the form of a glow – Perfect Natural Night Light which requires no electricity or batteries.

But how to fill a bedroom ceiling with glowing stars?

Some stores already sell ready made glowing star shapes in a pack. Not really recommended because these are made from cheap materials and the glow fades off way before your child can doze off.

Another method would be to use Glow Stickers and cut it into star shapes. Another way would be to use a hole puncher and punch neat circles into the glow sticker and paste it onto the ceiling. While the glow may be brighter and last longer than the ready-made ones, it still may not look like a real night sky. Then again as with any sticky product, it may fall once the stickiness wears off. Then we have shooting stars. smilelaugh small

Introducing the NightSky Kit

Thinightskys kit contains all the tools and instructions needed to transform any ceiling into a natural looking night sky, filled with glowing stars of different sizes. It also includes constellation charts; one could use to paint constellations as well.

The best part is that anyone can follow the instructions and transform any ordinary ceiling into a NightSky filled with glowing stars. You would not be painting the ceiling. You would just be applying stars on your existing ceiling.

In the day, your ceiling would look the same as it always had. But the stars painted with glow paint (cannot be seen in the day), would be absorbing surrounding light. Once it is dark or the lights are switched off, the stars would start glowing in the dark, giving the illusion of lying under an open night sky. If you accompany this illusion with natural outdoor sounds, it would enhance the effect.

Fall asleep easily under the stars in the comfort of your room.