Glow in the Dark Photo Paper

Suitable for Inkjet and Laser Printers


Glow in the Dark Photo Paper can be used for full color photo printing, in any ordinary ink-jet or laser printer. This paper is capable of handling printing resolution of up to 360 dpi, making it possible to print full color photographs, that Glow in the Dark. Impress your family and friends with home made Glow in the Dark Art & Craft Work. Glow paper can also be used in clubs to print out menus, coupons, signs, banners, posters, all in full color and glowing in the dark.

This product is coated with a special layer making it suitable for use in any ordinary inkjet printer. 

How Glow Photo Paper Works

Under Normal Light, the printed text and images look the same, as when printed on any normal photo paper, but in the Dark, the paper glows thereby illuminating the printed text and images. For certain grades of paper, printed images might look slightly off color because the background color is light-green.

This product is suitable for use indoors. It can also be used outdoors if a layer of Clear Spray Fixative is applied over it. Laminating the paper after printing, is another way of protecting it.

Suitable for use in Schools for Art Classes or for those interested in creating their own Labels, Signs, Photos or Designs, that can Glow in the Dark. Stand Out at Parties by printing Photographs that Glow.

Below are some examples of real photographs printed on Glow in the Dark Paper. Click on the image to view a larger Photo.

Normal Color
Glow Color
Glow Time
Cost in US$
Light Green
Glow Photo Paper
6 hours
/ meter square


  1. Glow time is given as an estimate
  2. Product comes in a 1 meter roll
  3. We can cut this roll into your required paper size like A4 or A3.
  4. You can get up to 16 pieces of A4 or 8 pieces of A3, out of 1 meter square sheet.