Glow in the Dark Introduction


Glow in the Dark! refers to products which absorb and store surrounding light. They then release this stored light in the form of a glow, when it is dark. No additional power source needed. This makes Glow in the Dark products the most effective and reliable Emergency Lighting System.

All Glow products work well with light sources that have UV rays in them. Examples are like sunlight or UV Black lights. They also work with common everyday household lighting with blue rays in them. Fluorescent light sources have been found to be more effective than other light sources. This is because it contains slight traces of blue colour in them. This also means that besides UV Lights, any light source which gives out blue rays of light can effectively charge Glow in the Dark Products

The most important point to note is that Glow in the Dark products only need light to get charged up.

After being charged, the effects can only be seen in the dark.

The darker the place, the better the glow.


Glow in the Dark Powder                        Glow in the Dark Powder Glowing

This section is all about Glow in the Dark products.

If you are looking for products that changes colour when exposed to UV Black light,
look at the UV Light Reactive Products section.

Difference between Glow in the Dark and Ultra Violet (UV Products are

Glow in the Dark

  1. Glow products can absorb and store light.
  2. They give out light in the dark
  3. The darker the place, the brighter
  4. the glow

UV Light Reactive

  1. UV products only work under UV lights.
  2. Remove the UV light source and the effects are gone.
  3. These can be used in bright or semi-bright places as long as there is enough UV light source.


UV 25W Bulbs 1

UV BLack Lights


Charge up your glow products up to 5 times faster with UV Black Lights.

We carry the following types of UV Black Lights

  1. Hand-held Personal UV Lights
  2. Energy Saving UV Bulbs
  3. 2 and 4 Feet Fluorescent Tubes
  4. UV Flood Lights