Glow in the Dark Product Manufacturer

Pete’s Luminous Creations is the manufacturer for a wide range of glow in the dark products mainly glow powder and glow paint. These are the two main products we started with back in 1996.

Quality of the glow has improved over the years with glowing time of at least 12 hours compared with the older batches which could barely make it through 6 hours.


What is Glow in the Dark?

This is the term used to describe products which behave in a similar manner to the natural process called photosysthesis.

It is the ability to absorb surrounding light – store it –  and release this light energy when it is dark.

What can it be used for?

The most practical use for Glow in the Dark products would be as Emergency Lighting.

Glow products absorb light whenever there is light. It can be sunlight, UV light or even fluorescent light. It does not work well with tungsten lights though.

Glow in the dark products shine when there is a sudden power failure and the whole place is in darkness suddenly.

Emergency lightings will fail if not maintained regularly. Glow in the Dark products require no power supply or any sort of maintenance.

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Where to Buy

Pete’s Luminous Creations is a leading manufacturer for a wide range of glow in the dark and UV light reactive [roducts. Visit our website to purchase Glow or US products at Wholesale prices.

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