Pete’s Luminous Creations was set up in Singapore, in the 90s’. We source for good quality materials, in order to maintain the standard of our products. Through out the years, we have had some complaints that our products do not glow that long. After investigations, we found that they were purchased else where.

Like to clarify that our products is only available online and not anywhere else. If you are looking for good quality Glow in the Dark Paint Singapore, you get it from us here.

Glow in the Dark Paint Singapore

Glow in the Dark Paint FAQ

How to make Glow in the Dark Paint?

Glow in the Dark paint Singapore is made by mixing Glow in the Dark Powder with Clear Oil or Water based paints. Mixing ratio is 25% Glow Powder to to 89% Clear paints. Dilute with thinner for Oil basedand Water for water based mixtures. More details are available in the article on Making Glow in the Dark Paint.

How long can Glow Paint be stored?

Storage life actually depends on the density and viscosity of the medium used for mixing. Thick mediums which are usually water based, can sustain the particles, generally have a longer shelf life of a few months. Oil based mediums shelf life can be lengthened to about 6 months, with the addition of Viscosity Adjusting Agents. It is not advisabke to keep Glow in the Dark Paint Singapore climate for longer periods.

How long can Glow in the Dark Paint Glow?

The original Ultra Green and Ultra Blue Paints have a glow time of between  8 to 12 hours, after being exposed to sunlight for at least 5 minutes. Glow time for other grades vary from 20 minutes to around 4 hours.

But this is not the end of the product. Just recharge by exposing it to light again and it will start to glow for the same time period again. Lifespan for the raw glow in the dark material is well over 20 years.

What are the best light sources for charging Glow in the Dark Paint?

Best light sources for charging glow paint would be any light source with UV rays in them. Good examples would be Sunlight or UV Black Lights.

Glow products can also be charged effectively with lights that are blue in colour. Fluorescent white lights can also work but are not as effective as blue lights.

Light sources n other colours like Green, Yellow and Red are useless when it comes to charging glow products.

How to use Glow Paint to get the best and brightest Glow?

  1. Apply Glow Paint on light coloured or White surfaces.
    Reason is because dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect light.
  2. Glow painting should be done in the dark and under a UV or Blue Light source. Reason is because the glow effect is meant to be seen in the dark. So you should be able to see the effect while painting it in order to get a smooth and even finish.
  3. Apply a minimum of 3 coats for a bright glowing surface
  4. Apply a layer of clear coat over the painted surface for added protection as well as to give it a smooth feel.

Can we mix Glow in the Dark Paint with other colours?

The answer is No. Reason is because Glow in the Dark paint works by absorbing light and releasing it. It only works when mixed with clear or transparent mediums. It cannot work when mixed with coloured pigments that block light from passing through.

A simple test to see if your colored paint can be mixed with glow paint, is to first apply a coat and see if it dries to clear or transparent. If you cannot see the surface colour through the paint after it has dried, it will not work with glow in the dark powder or paint.

Can we mix Glow in the Dark Powder or Paint with Cement?

The answer is No. Reason is because Cement becomes opaque once it has dried and it does not allow light to pass through – a feature that is critical in order for Glow products to absorb and give out light.

The only way to make cement or concrete glow in the dark would be to apply glow paint over the dried cement or concrete surface. This is done by first applying the concrete layer. Then sprinkle glow powder or glow gravel over it. More details on Glow Concrete and Cement.


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