Concrete is a material used in buildings for floors and walls. Most walls are boring and a dash of paint can certainly liven up the atmosphere especially if it is Glow in the Dark Paint. Here we show the steps to prepare and execute a perfect glow in the dark paint job on walls and concrete (both indoors and outdoors).

Clean the surface

Scrape off the old paint first. Clean the surface with a chemical concrete cleaner. Soap and water may not work as the porous concrete surface could just absorb it.

Patch the surface up

Use a metal brush to remove all loose bits first. Patch up the surface with wall plaster which can be got easily at any hardware shop. It may need a few coats to get the surface smooth.

Seal the Wall to prevent moisture seepage

If this is not done, moisture can seep through the painted surface and soak up the material Creaks and water leakage will occur months down the road. There are a number of sealants available. The easiest one is MagicSeal which is just sprayed over the surface. It needs a drying time of 24 hours.

Prime the Surface

Next step would be to prime the surface. This step makes the surface smooth and helps the paint adhere properly to the concrete. Concrete Primers can be got from a paint store. It is advisable to get a White Concrete Primer as it helps to create a balanced background colour for the paints that would be applied later. This process requires a drying time of around 24 hours.

Only water based paints can be used on concrete surfaces. Painting can be done with brush or roller. We only have Ultra Green and Ultra Blue Glow Water based Paints.

Glow in the Dark Painting

Glow Painting Technique

Glow in the Dark painting is unlike normal painting. Since the painting is meant to be seen in the dark! painting should be done in the dark. Read more about Glow in the Dark painting technique.

Surface Protection

This is an essential step especially if the painting is done outdoors. A good surface protection can extend the lifespan of the painted surface by 5 times at least. Read more about the options for Protecting the Glow Painted Surface.