How is Glow in the Dark Paint made?

Short answer, Glow in the Dark Paint is made by mixing Glow Powder with Clear Resin or Clear Water Based Paints.

Once mixed, the mixture (Glow Paint) takes on the colour of the powder (both in the normal and glow state). It no longer is clear or transparent even after it has dried.

How does Glow in the Dark Paint work?

It works by absorbing surrounding light and releasing light when it is dark. Similar to Photosynthesis, this is a natural non toxic process.

Glow in the Dark gets charged up with surrounding light (preferable those with UV rays like sunlight). It can also get charged up by fluorescent and led light sources, but not tungsten.

What is the brightest glow in the dark paint?

Brightest Glow Paint is Ultra Green. Normal colour is cream, Glow Colour is light Green.

We carry both Water Based and Solvent Based Glow Paints.

Water Based

Solvent Based

  • Not Waterproof
  • Suitable for walls and concrete
  • Can be used on Wood, Glass,  Paper and Fabric
  • Cannot be used on anything metal
  • Waterproof and can be used outdoors
  • Can be used on metal, Zinc
  • Cannot be used on Leather or  Plastic

Glow in the Dark Paint is available in:

Spray Paint

Pre-Mixed Solvent based.

Available in:

1 to 12 Spray Cannisters (Ultra Green Only)

24 Cannisters and above (All Collours)

Brush, Roll or Spray Painting

Pre-Mixed Water or Solvent based.

Available in:

30, 60 and 250 ml (Ultra Green Only

1 litre and 5 litre (All colours