Glow in the Dark Mini Golf – Sounds unique and a fun filled activity for any family with children. But the use of the term glow in the dark in such cases could be misleading, because the glow is achieved with the use of UV Black Lights.

So what we are really using to create the glow in the dark effects for places like bowling alleys and mini golf courses are actually either UV Black light reactive products.

Glow in the Dark vs UV Light Reactive products

Many still get confused by this. Glow in the dark products can absorb light. They release this stored light, in the form of a glow, which is only visible when the place is dark. This also means that the places has to be totally dark for glow in the dark products to work. So they cannot be used in any bright place.

UV mini golf

UV Black light reactive products on the other hand, reflect UV rays in the form of a glow. So as long as there is a UV Black light nearby, they work extremely well. Even in semi brightly lit areas.

They cannot work if the surrounding lights, like in a very bright environment or daylight, drown the UV black lights.

So with the technicalities out of the way, we know that we need both UV light Reactive products and UV Black lights, for this to work.

It is the UV black lights that create these effects. Many ordinary things also do glow under UV black light like your teeth or white clothes. But for controlled colours, you need fluorescent pigments.

UV Light Fluorescent Powder

How to create a Glow in the Dark Mini Golf or Bowling at home

Creating a Glow in the Dark Mini Golf or Bowling themed party a great idea that can keep family and friends especially those with young children entertained for hours. Also make great ideas for creating glow in the dark! parties which will happen in semi bright places.

Things you need would be definitely in the UV light Reactive product range. Such products would be either the

a) UV Black Light Reactive
b) UV Fluorescent

Next would be some guidance on how to work with UV Light reactive products, in order to create a Glow in the Dark Mini Golf or Bowling or just any dam fun glow in the dark party! in a semi bright environment.

With a bit of creativity, UV Black Lights and UV light reactive or fluorescent paints, one can transform a small area into an exciting and entertaining fun filled activity, in the dark.