The term Glow in the Dark has been misused so often that many do not really know what it really is. Basically, Glow in the Dark refers to a product that can produce or give out light without the consumption of any power like batteries or electricity.

Glow Watch s

Glow in the Dark was originally used to refer to products that can absorb and store surrounding light. When the lights are switched off, these products emit a light green glow. The first appearance of this was in the dials of watches and clocks.

Glow in the Dark Wallpaper

Then there is this article about Glow in the Dark Wallpaper made from OLEDs.

OLEDs are made of thin films of organic molecules that light up when electricity passes through them.  Because they needs a very low operating voltage – just three to five volts – they can be powered by solar panels or batteries. And because they exist as a thin layer of film, they can be rolled up, bent or fixed to a wall.

Technically, LEDs or OLEDs produce light when an electrical current passes through them.

They can be considered as bulbs or lights. After all, LEDs stand for Light Emitting Diodes.


To create an actual Glow in the Dark Wall ty/ , we use Glow in the Dark Stickers

Glow in the Dark Light Bulb

Glow in the Dark Light Bulb

This is when we come to an actual Glow in the Dark Light Bulb. It is an ordinary LED Light Bulb, which can Glow in the Dark when the power is switched off. It glows because it is coated with Glow in the Dark particles which absorb the light produced by the bulb when it is switched on.

Glow in the Dark Light Bulb Practical Uses

Night Light

This is almost essential in any child’s room. Unless a child is very tired, they can never fall asleep in the dark. That is where their imagination runs wild and their eyes stay wide open. Studies have shown that by adding a night light, a child usually falls asleep within 5 to 10 minutes.

Placement of the Night Light

  1. Most night lights are usually fixed to a power socket in some corner of the room. This is usually not in line of sight of a sleeping child who faces the ceiling when sleeping. Glow Bulbs come with E27 screw on socket which can fit most lamp holders. If your ceiling light has an E27 socket, Glow Bulbs can be fixed on the ceiling, directly above a sleeping child.    

Glow Bulb Glowing

Emergency Light

  1. Many have experienced sudden darkness either when a bulb suddenly blows or when there is a power failure.  This is where Glow Bulb outshines (no pun intended) all regular bulbs. When the bulb is switched on, the glow pigment is charging.
Glow in the Dark Light Glows

When the lights go off suddenly, the glow pigment starts to release the stored light. This release can last for hours. Glow Bulb excels in its function as an Emergency Light because it is ever ready and guaranteed to work when the bulb suddenly blows or during a blackout.

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