There are different types of Glow in the Dark materials. What separates them are their chemical compositions and the way they work. The different types of Glow in the Dark material can be categorized as follows:

  1. Photo luminescence – Products in this range have the ability to absorb surrounding light and store them. They then release the stored light which is visible in the dark, as a glow.
    • Once the Glow fades, expose to light again and it will glow in the dark allover again.
    • These products are totally safe for general use and can be handled safely. Good example would be is the Glow in the Dark Powder.
  2. Chemiluminescent – These products glow when 2 chemicals (usually hydrogen peroxide and diphenyl oxalate), are combined. Example would be LightSticks which can be snapped and shaken to produce a bright glow.
    • Once the chemical reaction ends, the glow stops. These cannot be reused.
    • Chemicaluminescent products can be harmful if the chemicals come in contact with skin.
  3. Tritium Glow – These products glow due to radioactive properties.
    • They start glowing straight out of the box and can glow for between 3 to 12 years (depending on the materials used).
    • Products in this category are toxic and radioactive and are not available for sale to consumers.